Klesia – Helping carers

Long awaited services dedicated to carers

    In short

    Klesia, a major player in social protection in France, started a large-scale community innovation programme in 2017 to help carers. With the support of the AgirArrco supplementary pension fund, User Studio and its partner OpenCo were called in during the project scoping phase.

    • 5 actually launched services
    • 1 Label created with partner Handéo


    4 key areas of the programme were identified by Klesia and OpenCommunities: Getting to know carers better and encouraging them to innovate; Offering spaces (physical or digital) dedicated to carers; Engaging companies on the issue of carers; And exploring connected services to facilitate the daily lives of carers. While they were exploring the opportunities associated with each of these areas, we joined the project team.


    1. 1Scoping workshop
    2. 2User research
    3. 3Co-design workshop
    4. 4Definition of visions
    5. 5Consolidation of scenarios
    6. 6Detailed concepts
    7. 7Deployment

    Our involvment

    The user research allowed us to explore the diversity of situations experienced by carers and their relatives receiving help. Fine-tuned iteratively, the ideas explored led to the construction of an ecosystem of complementary services, which could be achieved through detailed roadmaps. We were involved more specifically in the design of two subsequent components: the bus, connecting the physical and digital space; and the services to companies that support employee carers.