University Hospitals of Strasburg – Bon séjour

Reinventing the way hospital outpatients are welcomed

In short

Helping patients to find their way around, reducing the impact of cognitive problems and enabling carers to concentrate on their duties are some of the challenges addressed in this design project. The challenge was to rethink the user experience throughout the day hospital care process.

  • + 30% patients treated per day on average


The geriatric hospital in Strasbourg admits dozens of patients a day with cognitive and behavioural disorders. The reception in this department was becoming more and more difficult, although the place was not empty, given the ageing population. Our mission was therefore to reinvent the way we welcome these fragile and disoriented patients, who are struggling to find their bearings in a place they rarely visit and in an anxiety-inducing hospital environment.


  1. 1Immersion in the field
  2. 2Individual interviews
  3. 3Summary of user research
  4. 4Participatory ideation workshops
  5. 5In situ prototyping
  6. 6Communication media
  7. 7Prioritisation of projects
  8. 8Project

Our involvment

This emblematic Fabrique de l’Hospitalité project is a pioneer in the hospital sector. We had to prioritise the tasks in order to maximise the impact of our work on the care provided to visitors. A permanent dialogue was therefore opened between the hospital team and our multidisciplinary team (designers, graphic designer, architect, colour specialist, etc.). A few months after the inspiration and drafting phases, and after a whirlwind project, the Bon séjour is well and truly renovated.
Understanding the real needs and adapting them to the reception space means considerable time saved for us and a better quality of care for the patient. Laetitia Monjoin Neuropsychologist at the Strasburg University Hospital