Discngine – 3decision

Next generation tool for molecular research

In short

Discngine asked us to redesign its 3decision tool used for creating medication. The software was built brick by brick without thinking about the overall experience. Most of the users were unable to figure it out... despite their expertise in the field.

  • 1/3 of turnover achieved in 1 month


Discngine produces software for scientific research laboratories. The company produces 3decision, a molecule modelling platform for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agronomy sectors. In short, if you need to visualise protein structures in 3D, this is the software for you! Except that, since its creation, 3decision has been constantly evolving to adapt to its many users. As a result, the intuitiveness of the tool has suffered greatly...


  1. 1Immersion
  2. 2In-depth user research
  3. 3Co-design workshop
  4. 4Tree structure of the new service
  5. 5Wireframes of key screens
  6. 63 sprints of UI design
  7. 7UI Kit

Our involvment

We accompanied the Discngine team, which did not have a designer, for a few months during the complete redesign of the tool and its graphic style. Through immersion, we managed to capture the essence of the complex uses of the platform and adjust it. We then ensured a certain amount of autonomy for the client, via the transmission of a UI Kit and a best practice guide, so that they would not make the same design mistakes once our collaboration ended.
Redesigning 3decision has helped us win several tenders, we are really pleased! Gabriella J. Research and Development