Idex – iDesk

Redesigning an energy monitoring tool

    In short

    Idex, an energy stakeholder, is getting its technicians to work on faulty equipment, thanks to data provided by its monitoring tool, Idesk. The platform's lack of intuitiveness meant that its full potential was not being utilised, so we were tasked with redesigning this business tool.


    Throughout France, Idex technicians are responsible for installing, as well as the functioning and maintenance of its equipment related to energy production. iDesk, a supervisory solution in real-time, enables technicians to view and control this equipment remotely, so they only need to intervene on-site when necessary. Despite the technical advances made possible by supervision, the tool's lack of intuitiveness does not allow for its optimal use, forcing agents to make costly trips that could be avoided


    1. 1Immersion
    2. 2User interviews
    3. 3Ideas workshop
    4. 4Proposal of 2 target journeys
    5. 5Approval of the tree structure
    6. 6Wireframes and feasibility with the editor
    7. 7UI Design and UI Kit
    8. 8Developing the image library

    Our involvment

    Although the initial request mainly concerned the graphic redesign of the interface, first of all we immersed ourselves in the day-to-day life of a technician to understand his or her tasks and needs regarding Idesk. How can we provide a useful dataviz that makes it possible to see at a glance which emergencies need to be addressed? How can we provide an interface that makes a heating engineer want to get out of bed for a 3am job? How can we create the mobile version despite the technical constraints of a complex software editor? A real challenge!
    This is exactly what I was looking for. Your method helped me to make progress, particularly in understanding my users and being able to offer them a really useful service. Thierry Lajoie Automation & Supervision Project Manager