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In order to improve people's everyday lives, there is one basic requirement: assemble a caring, enthusiastic and optimistic team. A team that shares a certain understanding of the power of designers and design to achieve its mission

Since 2009.

We are pioneers in service design in France. We started in 2009, are based in Paris and operate in Europe and further afield if you like.

  • User Studio started off as an adventure for 3 mates from design school who, at the end of 2008, wanted to join forces to continue working together on projects that would make them proud. Inventive, elegant, surprising, but also useful, idealistic projects, tinged with Bauhaus, Americanism and digital technology.

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Jobs and people.

  • 24 People
  • 9 Children
  • 32 Average age
  • 196 Pairs of trainers owned

We are all service designers, each with his or her own specific set of skills

Strategic service designers

Service strategy, experience strategy, organisations’ strategy… The strategic design of services combines branding, desirability, insights from ethnographic research, as well as organisational and budgetary matters.

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  • Our team of strategic service designers

    • Matthew

    • Caroline

    • Louis

    • Thibaut

    • Denis

    • Aliette

    • Audrey

    • You?

Digital service designers

For us, there is no question of separating the design of the digital experience from a service. This means that our designers have both UX and UI skills, because we feel the quality of an experience depends on in-depth work in both areas.

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  • Our team of digital service designers

    • Matthieu

    • Olivier

    • Margaux

    • Camille-Clémence

    • Gabrielle

    • Tristan

    • You?

Art directors

The beauty experts are called upon to help put the good ideas created by our teams into the right shape. These graphic designers by training have to juggle all the visual problems presented by the various projects, ensure the forms are coherent and always remain on the lookout for new trends.

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  • Our team of art directors

    • Gabrielle

    • Denis

    • You?

Creative technologists

UX/UI designers by birth, our creative technologists often have an annoying tendency to imitate professional developers and electronic engineers, to watch web tutorials until 4 a.m., which has, however, allowed them to acquire remarkable experience in the quest for technical solutions.

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  • Our team of creative technologists

    • Matthieu

    • Margaux

    • You?

Project architects & communication officers

Cornerstones of the collaboration that we are developing with our business ecosystem, our project architects are tasked with defining the requests from our prospective clients/existing clients, evaluating their financial feasibility, the timescale, and above all, whether they are in line with the studio's vision.

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  • Our team of project architects & communication officers

    • Mathilde

    • Pauline

    • You?

Studio managers

Administrative, medical, logistics, accounting... Studio managers are very versatile, but their key focus is the happiness of employees in their daily life at the studio.

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  • Our team of studio managers

    • Lydia

    • You?

The studio.

Based in Paris, north of Montmartre, the studio is surrounded by budding, innovative businesses with an incubator and a training school for internet-based professions, the Paris Region Innovation Nord Express.
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Thank you "Léïo" Léopoldine, "The Mag" Alexis, "Rizot" Camille, "Quentino" Quentin, Arthur, Manon, Emma, "Jane" Jeanne, "Mad" Marion, Sylvie, Romain, "Fuchsi" Pauline, "Max" Maxime, "Coco" Coralie, "Pajotte" Agathe, Fantine, Arthur, Sandra, Marin, Coline, Côme, "So" Solène, Victorien, Aurélien, "Panda" Luce, "Rolli" Nicolas, Maëlle, "Bieber" Justine, "Fox" Solenne, "Momo" Maud, "Dataflo" Florence, "Blade" Loïc, "Tonton" Mélo, "Viky" Virginie, Bertille, "GI Jo" Joséphine, "Mumu" Marion, Amandine, Zoé, Baptiste, Rémi, "Matsu" Mathieu, Marion, Tom, Emma, Sami, "Gus" Augustin, Laurie, Thomas, "Crayss'" Camille, Edgar, "PiBi" Pierre-Baptiste, "Soum'" Asma, Julien for staying with us for some time. You guys are awesome.