La Poste – Mailman's working desk

An interface to rethink the mail sorting stage

    In short

    When the French Post Office, La Poste, decided to segment the sorting and delivery of mail, a new sorting table with a digital interface was offered to postal workers. Designing this interactive screen was a real UX challenge, as it had to create the least amount of new job executions to fit into a timed process.

    • 1000 tables currently being installed


    La Poste, which is undergoing profound changes in its mail delivery business, has launched an action plan to adapt to variations in flows: less mail and more parcels. This is why, from now on, in a sorting centre, a postal worker no longer carries out the entire delivery activity: there are preparatory postal workers and distribution postal workers. New tools, particularly digital ones, were then put in place. In this culture, which is so far removed from digital, special attention must be paid to how professionals use it if the changeover is to go smoothly.


    1. 1Immersion in the field
    2. 2Exploration of 3 concepts
    3. 3Workshop defining the target vision
    4. 4Formalisation of the concept
    5. 5Web development of a mock-up
    6. 6On-site testing of the interaction
    7. 7Prioritisation and deployment roadmap

    Our involvment

    We were involved in the final testing of the table on the pilot sites before its roll-out. Until then, only an Excel-type table was installed as a screen. However, during our fieldwork, we identified needs arising from the division of labour that a static image could not handle, such as messaging between postal workers or the tour map. To ensure the adoption of the service and its success, we suggested different concepts of dynamic screens, which we tested in situ, and which convinced La Poste!
    We didn't come to you to rethink our meticulous processes, but your pragmatic approach allowed us to challenge them. Samuel Director of the last mile transformation group