MAIF – Zaleo

A successful multi-mode service

The environmentally friendly MaaS (Mobility as a Service) in the cities of Bordeaux and Strasbourg that benefits from MAIF's insurance services and offers multi-mode journeys on bicycles, electric scooters, trams and through carpools.

In short

Mobility is a sector with endless innovative uses. For MAIF, launching a multimodal and environmentally friendly MaaS is an opportunity to demonstrate its know-how in the field of insurance for people on the move, an approach that is decidedly forward-looking. User Studio designed the related Zaleo app, by bringing on board its partner, Redshift, for its development.

  • 2500+ cars shared
  • 12000+ signed up


MAIF has 3.6 million insured vehicles. Innovating and creating e-services that make use of the insurer's business skills is an integral part of its strategy. This is obviously an opportunity to demonstrate its know-how in the field of property and personal insurance "for new needs and new uses". It is also a decidedly forward-looking approach and a demonstration of our ability to innovate in an already highly competitive field.


  1. 1User research
  2. 2Positioning and prioritising
  3. 3Target journeys and use scenarios
  4. 4Tree structures and wireframes
  5. 5Graphic universe and paths
  6. 6Iterative modelling and testing
  7. 7Transfer and development
  8. 8Testing support

Our involvment

The 5-partner consortium, AU-DACE, launched by MAIF and run by Koolicar, a private car rental start-up, called on User Studio to help it identify the main uses of mobility solutions in the city. Our goal was to see how shared mobility (carpooling, car sharing) could fit in with users' habits and be implemented in a service that we carried out from A to Z with the support of our development partner, Redshift.
A very good approach to ensure that we never lose sight of our users in a complex project! Project Manager MAIF