Kinéis – Adventures

The adventurers' digital service

    In short

    Explorers, navigators and backpackers need to be connected if they are to travel the world safely. We designed Kinéis Adventures, the first digital satellite alert and tracking service, for adventurers and their families.

    • €100 million raised


    A subsidiary of CLS and CNES, Kinéis is a new IoT player that will have the first nanosatellite galaxy in the world. With Kinéis Adventures, space is serving outdoor leisure activities with one mission: to guide adventurers off the beaten track, in complete safety. Equipped with a miniaturised tag, adventurers can alert the emergency services or be tracked by their loved ones at any time. As long as the service is designed for these recreational users!


    1. 1User Research
    2. 2Co-construction workshop
    3. 3Definition of the target vision
    4. 4UX Conception
    5. 5Exploration of graphic universes
    6. 6Key screens design
    7. 7UI kit conception

    Our involvment

    For an industrial player like Kinéis, creating an intuitive and desirable service for non-professional users doesn’t come naturally. User research is very effective when there is no comparable service. Interviews with experienced adventurers allowed us to better understand the needs of an amateur audience. This stage led to the creation of an MVP, which provides a clear understanding of the functionality, graphics and navigation.
    With you, the quality of the work is always remarkable Jean Muller Chief Creative Officer