2014 - 2018

RATP – RER A trains' live info screens

Interactive information screens for residents of the Paris region

    In short

    The Direction Indicator Panels (DIP) are almost a part of the RER A train heritage: they show us above the platform the future stations served. User Studio has designed its successor, the Syspad, a superb panoramic screen dedicated to passenger information, from tourists to experts on Europe's busiest line.

    • 308 million travelers annually
    • 265 installed screens


    Before any design phase, RATP wanted to "put things back on the table" and ask the essential questions about the use of the DIP, in order to explore the tool's future. For if there is one transport line that is particularly used in the Île-de-France region, it is the RER A. The challenges of the DIP therefore include informing the hundreds of millions of RER users, as well as facilitating the work of maintenance teams and industrial manufacturers, requiring a detailed study of usage on the ground.


    1. 1User research
    2. 2Monitoring
    3. 3Definition of visions
    4. 4Design of internal kinematics
    5. 5Prototyping
    6. 6Development monitoring

    Our involvment

    With our anthropologist and sociologist partner, Magdalena Jarvin, we first conducted a field study, in order to propose a balance of functionalities/uses/forms and to facilitate the design choices and decisions of the RATP. This first round of ideas gave rise to SYSPAD, which is currently being tested, and for which User Studio was also involved in defining and designing the interface's kinematics and monitoring the development of a large-scale test on the platforms.
    We particularly appreciated the support, from the initial concept to the design and testing of the tool. Guillaume Gendrillon Project Manager (RATP MOP)