Geovelo – mobile application

Combining cycle commute and cycle tourism

    In short

    The popularity of bike tourism is growing in France. For Geovelo, a tool for calculating routes initially focused on cycling to work, the challenge was to better integrate the new ‘tourism’ function in its app, while keeping the vision of the service: to promote the use of bikes in everyday life!

    • 4.6/5 in the app stores
    • 1 European Startup Prize


    Geovelo, a start-up created in Tours in 2010 and specialising in bicycle route calculation, is developing an application of the same name to guide cyclists on roads with cycling lanes or on low-traffic roads. Previously used mainly for short urban journeys, Geovelo turned to us to redesign the overall navigation experience and add a new feature: guiding users on tourist routes (bike rides or trips).


    1. 1User interviews
    2. 2Competitive benchmark
    3. 3Definition of the target vision of the new service
    4. 4Adjustment of userflow
    5. 5Screen design (UX/UI design)
    6. 6UI Kit
    7. 7User testing and adjustments
    8. 8Handover to developers

    Our involvment

    In order to generate interest in cycle tourism, it was essential - in addition to making the target experience appealing - to create links between the 'classic' route used every day and the more exceptional cycle rides. In short, we wanted to inject some excitement and discovery into the routine of the daily commute. To create a consistent experience, we also adapted the tone used, which is now more sensitive and lighter, to support the new value proposition.