Valéo – Drive4Uremote

Driving to a remote vehicle

    In short

    Remote operating systems allow a human operator to drive a vehicle remotely, whether the vehicle is autonomous or semi-autonomous. In different use scenarios, operators will be able to manage and move the car from their monitoring stations.

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    Valeo is an enabler that provides technologies for the complex systems of automotive manufacturers. Yet in addition, Valeo is developing new services, experiences and economic models from scratch. This is what the teleoperation project is all about: empowering any car manufacturer offering a teleoperation service and demonstrating it at the next CES in Las Vegas (2019). Valeo asked User Studio to work on the whole digital experience and the way to deliver its service.


    1. 1Benchmark
    2. 2Ideation
    3. 3Testing of concepts
    4. 4Design of key screens

    Our involvment

    For example, we will design the key screens that allow the teleoperators to control the cars remotely. We will focus on the sense of speed and the ability to perceive real distances. We will also design the tablet screens dedicated to the passengers of the remote-controlled cars. Finally, on the basis of this user interface work, as well as the development of the service concept that we will carry out in parallel, we will prototype the whole service (i.e., prototype of the customer application with feedback forms, profile management, etc.).