Kubity – Kubity App

The ideal communication tool for architects

In short

Kubity provides architects with the ideal communication tool to convey their designs to novice clients.

  • 1 first mixed reality multiplex


It is often difficult for an architect to pass on a plan to an individual or organisation. The Kubity start-up and its application for mobiles and tablets therefore provides its professional users with the ideal communication tool to transmit their designs to their inexperienced clients. The challenge was to design an app with perfect accessibility: simple sharing in the architects' workflow and adapted to the constraints and novice uses of individuals or small organisations.


  1. 1User research
  2. 2Co-creation workshop
  3. 3Definition of visions
  4. 4Design of key screens
  5. 5Development monitoring

Our involvment

The Kubity team approached User Studio to design the mobile and tablet applications, where accessibility and ease of use were absolutely crucial!