Paris City Council – Eiffel Tower

Experience and services to match

    In short

    When Paris City Council realised that the city's landmark was not offering a welcoming experience worthy of its reputation, it launched an urban planning competition. In the run-up to this competition, User Studio worked within a limited timeframe to immerse stakeholders in the visitor experience and, above all, to envisage new services capable of reinventing it.

    • 2 experiences designed to inspire dialogue
    • 1 Final vote in November 2020


    At the end of 2017, the City of Paris prepared an urban planning competition to transform the area around the Eiffel Tower. The recent security improvements and the prospect of the 2024 Olympic Games mean that the area from Trocadero to Ecole Militaire needs to be redesigned. With the help of a consortium, the city drew up a programme based on various studies (flow, semiology, etc.) and identified the need to use service design to create the future visitor experience. User Studio was selected to bring this vision to life.


    1. 1User research
    2. 2Return of "live my life"
    3. 3Ideation workshop
    4. 4Iterations on scenarios
    5. 5Transfer

    Our involvment

    Visitors are changing and the Iron Lady must adapt! We started the project by experiencing this landmark together with visitors who were new to it. This immersion allowed us to gain meaningful insight into their diversity. On the basis of these observations, we designed, together with the various stakeholders, visit scenarios articulating several new relational, digital and physical services. These stories were intended to inspire the participants in the competition to select the concept for the redevelopment of the site.
    Thank you for having immersed me in these beautiful stories, listening to you I felt like I was rediscovering the Eiffel Tower and its surroundings, which I know by heart. Louise C. Paris City Council - Eiffel Tower Project