User Studio (R&D) – Freeche

Reclaim the city

In short

Or how the targeted use of digital technology can reconnect us to the places that surround us and develop the most disadvantaged among them.

  • 2 prototypes for desktop and smartphone


Despite urban densification, our cities are strewn with vacant spaces: industrial or railway wastelands, disused buildings, etc. Initiatives to appropriate abandoned urban areas are multiplying and the positive effects are exceeding expectations, reaching far beyond the places concerned. As a result, wastelands are no longer seen as useless pieces of land in the city, but rather as valuable potential that needs to be unlocked.


  1. 1Research
  2. 2UI design
  3. 3Scripting
  4. 4Shooting and editing

Our involvment

Concept, UX/UI design, scripting, filming, editing, voice-over... a project carried out entirely in-house alongside our partner bdcconseil.
The value of cities is measured in the number of places that they set aside for improvisation. Siegfried Kracauer Streets in Berlin & Elsewhere