E-attract – Vivroù

Find your ideal place to live

    In short

    Vivroù, the first E-attract application, uses your profile to compare all accessible neighbourhoods in order to help you find where you want to live. Before its release on the market, we redesigned the experience to give it a personal, sensitive dimension and to convince future users.

    • 2 investors won over
    • 1 integration within the IGN's inno lab


    E-attract creates services based on geographical data for individuals, companies and public actors. Vivroù, its first digital product, makes it possible to identify affordable areas that correspond to the criteria and expectations of a household wishing to move there in the near future. To break into the market, the site had to be ready to use, well thought out and appealing in record time! E-attract approached us to demonstrate this potential.


    1. 1Competitive benchmark
    2. 2Observation and website audit
    3. 3Analysis of the current user journey
    4. 4Development of 3 graphic universes
    5. 5Application of the universe on key screens
    6. 6Graphic and functional specifications
    7. 7Integration follow-up

    Our involvment

    In order to re-construct the overall experience of the site, we chose a more sensitive approach, to humanise the existing form, and the heart of the service. As the choice of where to live is a private matter, it was important to reassure users and establish trust between them and the service. The best way to do this is to open a personalised, light-hearted and intelligent dialogue. This structured work by the Art Department has really created an identity for Vivroù that sets it apart on the market.