EHPAD de Lolme – The residential care experience

Nursing homes (EHPAD) and aftercare and rehabilitation (SSR) get a makeover

    In short

    The Lolme medical centre is unusual in that it brings together a variety of population groups: dependent elderly people, healthy visitors and patients receiving physiotherapy. As part of a CNSA \[French National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy] tender for projects on "disability and loss of autonomy: social innovation through design", we re-designed the reception experience in the lobby - the showcase and nerve centre of the facility.

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    The Lolme medical centre (EHPAD/SSR) in the Dordogne, a region with an extremely ageing population, was experiencing difficulties in providing reception services due to the presence of different groups of people on its premises. The increasing number of physical therapy patients are unsettled when they come across a facility whose design and use bring them into contact with highly dependent members of the public. With the desire to improve the image of the nursing home and to cope with the centre's new aftercare and rehabilitation activities, the reception area had to be reviewed.


    1. 1Immersion in the field
    2. 2Book of ideas
    3. 3Co-creation workshop
    4. 4Prioritising service provision
    5. 5Scale 1 models
    6. 6Field testing
    7. 7Transfer of information and communication

    Our involvment

    While our playground was the lobby, we were interested in all aspects of the reception experience. Signage, waiting areas, adjustable dining rooms, and so on, are all easy-to-deploy solutions that we have designed, hand in hand with care professionals. To include residents in the thinking process, despite their high dependency, we designed a scale 1 model and tested the services on site. Finally, the deliverables were designed to meet the communication challenges of the French National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy (CNSA) in order to inspire other institutions.
    Your work impressed me so much that I now apply this method every day with my teams. Brigitte Verdon Director of the Lolme Medical Centre