Withings – Aura

The object connected to sleep

In short

Withings developed a new product promising a bright future: an intelligent connected device that improves your sleep, called Aura! The company called on us to design the service’s iPhone application, which, as always in the case of innovation, had no prior reference.

  • 1 app honoured at CES Las Vegas 2014


Withings is the French success story of the Internet of Things market, now internationally recognised for its innovation skills and the design of its products. Aura, its new device, consists of three elements: a thin fabric with sensors that analyses your sleep, a sensor that communicates with a bedside lamp, and an iPhone application. We had to design the graphic universe of the app, a balancing act between the softness of sleep and the precision of the data.


  1. 1Ideation workshop
  2. 2Creative ideas
  3. 3Creative summary
  4. 4Wireframes
  5. 5Pixel-perfect screens

Our involvment

Sleep is a time filled with symbolism and it has an intrinsically personal dimension, whether it triggers anxiety or daydreams. The Aura application therefore had to break away from a technical and incomprehensible product (for anyone who is not a neuroscientist), by creating an emotional link with the user. For this reason, a great deal of creative work was carried out linked to night-time. We then built the app’s architecture and applied the chosen design to all the screens of the functional prototype presented at CES 2014 (Las Vegas).