Thibierge – Thibierge Paris

Paper notebooks in the digital age

In short

With his expertise in paper art, the founder of Thibierge & Comar paper wanted to design a notebook that was resolutely of its time, combining the spontaneity of handwritten notetaking with the wealth of sharing that digital technology offers. User Studio designed the service and its mobile application.


Emeric Thibierge asked User Studio to support them from their initial ideas to the advanced design of the Thibierge Paris service. How can it fit harmoniously into the daily life of paper lovers and not break the spontaneity of notetaking? How can we avoid distorting handwriting and add all the opportunities offered by digital technology?


  1. 1Co-creation workshop
  2. 2Ideation
  3. 3Definition of the target vision
  4. 4Outline of the main screens
  5. 5User flow

Our involvment

We began by shaping service ideas, then outlined the mobile application's main screens before precisely defining the entire user flow, for an experience as fluid and refined as the notebook itself.