SFR – Installation guide

A simple user guide

    In short

    SFR contacted us with a rather simple problem: their box installation instructions were so confusing that their customer service department was inundated with calls! Leaflets are a textbook case of service design, so we explored this issue to come up with a new experience for the user manual.

    • 50% fewer customer service calls


    Everyone has experienced the setup process of a new box: there are many boxes, miles of cables, steps to follow that are as precise as open-heart surgery, in short, it's not exactly a pleasant experience. This observation struck SFR when it launched its new TV box with a manual that was certainly attractive but not very functional... After a flood of calls to its after-sales service department, the client called on us to rework the manual so that it could assume its true role: facilitating installation, ahead of being a brand support.


    1. 1Setting up the project and understanding the needs
    2. 2Ideation and conception of the ideas
    3. 3Prototyping the ideas and producing models
    4. 4User testing
    5. 5Finalising the artwork and printing

    Our involvment

    Our recommendations had to be very simple to implement because we were working between two stock sales of boxes. Within 3 weeks, we rethought this manual in several ways: what content is really essential? How can we think about unpacking the box so that the equipment is installed in the right order? What is the ideal format of the guide to ensure that the instructions are readable? This project involved our illustration, cardboard prototyping, DA and wording skills.
    User Studio's contribution to our project is great. Your work will have a lasting positive impact on SFR. Emmanuel Alvès Moreira Product Manager