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Rethinking the newsstand (online)

In short

With the explosion in the use of tablets and the move to digital journalism, the transition to digital is becoming a major challenge for the newspaper industry. ePresse.fr, an online platform for accessing daily newspapers and magazines, needed to redesign its site so that it could be adapted to all digital channels.


The challenge for us was therefore to establish a multi-channel strategy with a responsive website that would promote this news content and be accessible on all media.


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Our involvment

We have now redesigned this platform and developed it according to the principles of responsive web design. The reason for doing so is that this approach has several advantages. First and foremost, it eliminates the need to create one or more mobile applications, by directly designing a site adapted to multi-media use. Indeed, the different pages fit all formats, regardless of the reading device (smartphone, tablets, etc.). In addition, by having only one adaptive site, all content is managed from a single platform. In the case of an online newsstand service, where every day all magazines and newspapers have to be updated, this is clearly essential!