French Red Cross – Volunteer dashboards

Valuing the work of volunteers

In short

The French Red Cross wanted to set up dashboards that would allow its 59,000 volunteers to track their activities.

  • 1 ergonomic dashboard
  • 59,000+ happy volunteers


Just a year and a half ago, the DATA division within the IT department of the French Red Cross approached us to work together on a project that required a user-centred approach. Its mission is data processing: data visualisation, inter-application flow and reference system projects. The challenge for the IT department was both to enhance the value of the volunteers' actions and to help the local unit managers.


  1. 1User-centred approach
  2. 2Co-creation workshop
  3. 3Step-by-step design of dashboards

Our involvment

User Studio designed mentoring for and with the French Red Cross. As part of this project, we introduced our methods to the "mentee partner/client" and help them to implement these methods during an ongoing project. The team designed the future dashboards step-by-step. This resulted in an excellent product that Red Cross volunteers have been actively using for the past 6 months.