EDF – Lowcarbonville

The low carbon building tool

    In short

    Developing a tool that allows everyone to take ownership of the ecological and responsible design challenges at the heart of construction projects.


    The ecological and responsible design of buildings or housing is now a concern for all new construction sites. In 2012, following the launch of the BBC (Low Energy Building) label on ecological and responsible building design, EDF R&D asked us to consider how to promote it to individuals to make it easier to embrace. Our aim was to develop a tool that would enable everyone to take ownership of these global issues at the heart of their personal projects.


    1. 1User research
    2. 2Co-creation workshop
    3. 3Scripting of user journeys
    4. 4Tool design

    Our involvment

    This is why we have developed a platform to help you choose eco-friendly systems, depending on the heating equipment but also on external factors such as the geographical area, the household's occupants, etc. We have scripted the complete journey of a French person who builds their house in an environmentally friendly way!