Cozy – Cozy Cloud

The next generation of cloud services

In short

This promising start-up is creating a completely free and open cloud service that you can host and manage yourself.

  • 20+ pictograms made


CozyCloud, now Cozy, certainly represents the next generation of cloud services. The promising start-up recruited Tristan Nitot (Mozilla Foundation France) in early 2015. Cozy is currently a simple personal server, but it aims to become your personal assistant. As a driver for your devices and connected objects, Cozy will allow you to better organise and automate your usual tasks in order to better manage your productivity and your digital life. A highly innovative project, with entirely new technology and considerable challenges in terms of understanding: in order to achieve the desire for evidence and immersion expressed by our client, we had to represent the services offered by using truly smart and intuitive pictograms.


  1. 1Understanding needs
  2. 2Selection of graphic universe
  3. 3Conception of pictograms

Our involvment

User Studio contributed to the project by choosing a colour range and by producing a series of pictograms.