CH Cholet – Restructuring of the ER

For a balanced patient-caregiver experience

    In short

    We supported CH in Cholet with restructuring their emergency department, during the hospital strikes. By focusing our work on the "attention markers" scattered along the route, we were able to gradually design the ideal experience of patients, their relatives and carers.

    • 16 prototypes adopted
    • €2.7M granted by the Health Authority


    Since the reform of the hospital services, the Cholet hospital centre has seen a considerable increase in the number of patients in its emergency department. To alleviate this overcrowding, the hospital management wanted to adopt an approach that went beyond the necessary paint job, by thinking of the future emergency layout in terms of the journey and experience of patients and their families. Against the backdrop of general strikes, the project - which was very specific - also aimed to unite the team of medical professionals.


    1. 1Immersion onsite
    2. 2Initial scenarios
    3. 3In situ prototyping and testing
    4. 4Co-design of the target journey
    5. 5Detailed drawings of the areas
    6. 6Estimate of the costs and communication

    Our involvment

    This project was carried out as a co-design process, thanks to unwavering support from the team on the ground. In a setting full of constraints, we helped them to imagine an ideal future, to get rid of the jargon and obstacles and refocus on the essential aspect of their role, the act of caring for people, which is sometimes overshadowed by protocols and technology. Thanks to the tips, the prototyped and tested ideas on-site and the new layout of the emergency department, CH can now calmly move forward with the next stage of the work.
    At the start, we were afraid, particularly when we were working with completely improbable futures. But we trusted you. And the result is that everyone's needs have been taken into account. Bernadette Health care executive