Urmet – HomeBook System

Energy consumption in... the intercom

In short

Urmet has created the "Home Book System", an intelligent video intercom that is the nerve centre of the home. The HBS is able to retrieve valuable consumption information from the premises, a real goldmine. But you have to know how to make this data intelligible and attractive on the screen...and that' s where we come in!


To mark COP21, Urmet wanted to develop a module dedicated to energy consumption for its connected intercoms! Indeed, the "Home Book System", installed in new flats, is as capable of opening the door of the building, offering reminders, as it is of retrieving water, gas and electricity consumption data. As this data was not yet in use, the task at hand was to create the architecture that would allow it to be displayed.


  1. 1User research
  2. 2Target tree structure
  3. 3Wireframes sketched
  4. 4Graphic testing and gamification
  5. 5Graphic and interactive models
  6. 6User testing
  7. 7Chart and specification book
  8. 8Development monitoring

Our involvment

To make data intelligible, it's key to contextualise it and make it part of the user's daily life. We decided to represent the energy consumed on the basis of very specific metaphors: electricity consumption is counted in batteries, water is measured in jerry cans and gas in gas bottles, pure and simple. By using our skills in user research, dataviz and UI design, we were able to achieve this simple but very effective result!