Lyonnaise Des Eaux – A service lab in Orleans

Co-creating the city of the future

In short

Lyonnaise des Eaux contacted the agency to carry out a consultation of local residents and stakeholders in Orléans on urban renovation issues. Objectives: to implement an innovation process leading to the development of new services that we have grouped together under the Service Lab platform.

  • 2 service concepts presented
  • 1 presentation at the Observeur du Design 2012


As part of the renewal of its public service delegation contract for the city of Orléans, Lyonnaise des Eaux contacted the agency to design and implement a consultation process with local residents and stakeholders to involve them in the creation of new services on the themes of biodiversity and youth employment.


  1. 1User research
  2. 2Consultation of local residents and stakeholders
  3. 3Co-creation workshop
  4. 4Ideation of new services
  5. 5Creative summary of ideas

Our involvment

We designed and implemented a consultation process with the local residents and stakeholders of Orléans, with the aim of creating new services around two themes: the creation of biodiversity islands in connection with social housing and the integration of unemployed young people. We conducted this consultation using our in-house tool, the "Observations Map". After organising the co-creation workshops, the agency provided a creative overview of the ideas. We proposed two flagship projects: an allotment garden scheme at the foot of buildings and an electric boat rental service on the Orléans Canal.