Rythm – Dreem

The active, connected headband that makes you sleep

In short

The start-up Rythm, financed by Xavier Niel, has created the Dreem headband, the first active technological solution dedicated to optimising sleep, with sleep issues affecting 50% of the French population. User Studio designed and produced the application for the connected object in record time, from its graphic concept to the last pixel.

  • 1 app selected at CES Las Vegas 2017


Do you always feel like you've slept well? We don’t either. Yet, objectively speaking, we might not all sleep that badly, but we are subject to random waking times. And as how we wake up is fundamental to the way we experience sleep, the start-up company Rythm has decided to take research a step further: with the Dreem headband, a real sleep stimulator, Rythm aims to revolutionise this typically nocturnal activity of our biological cycle. Crazy? Yes, a little, but aren't innovations born from crazy ideas?


  1. 1User interviews
  2. 2Ideation workshop
  3. 3Visions notebook
  4. 4Testing of concepts
  5. 5Tree structures and wireframes
  6. 6Graphic and interactive models
  7. 7Charter and specification book
  8. 8Development monitoring

Our involvment

This start-up called on User Studio to provide a relevant user experience and an uncompromising graphic universe for the relatively imminent release of the application. A real experience design challenge given that sleeping is a highly mysterious activity, impossible to observe on yourself, and the experience is by definition impossible to analyse. As the app had to be put into production quickly, we provided a "Release Candidate" version, as well as screens with an architecture and universe taking the product into a new dimension.
This project was carried out in record time. It required considerable flexibility to make all the steps smooth so that not a minute was lost. Denis Pellerin Project Lead at User Studio