Renault – Creative Coding Learning Expedition

A Parisian exploration of Creative Coding

    In short

    In order to generate interest and perhaps the desire to explore the possibilities of creative coding in their daily professional practices at Renault, we were asked to run an awareness-raising session for a group of 10 to 12 people with little experience of this practice. Our approach to training is inevitably hybrid, especially when it is the first time you come into contact with one of our fields of expertise: one (minor) part theory, one part history, and one (major) part practice. In this case, the subject field is recent and has not been "theorised" much. But it is interesting to link it to the history of technology, to the history of programming, and to the history of creative software.


    We offer to run a 3-day workshop, in the heart of Paris, in a place that lends itself to experimentation and creation (e.g., gallery, co-working space, prototyping room...) and located not far from the Musée des Arts et Métiers. This museum is both a nod to and an ideal starting point for our training in creative coding, a field that combines technology, art and design to perfection. Close to the Centre Pompidou, Ircam and the Gaité Lyrique, the Musée des Arts et Métiers is full of treasures of scientific, artistic and design inventions. It is both a phenomenal space for historical synthesis and a place that can offer plenty of inspiration.


    1. 1Visit to the Musée des Arts et Métiers
    2. 2Visit to the Ircam
    3. 3Discovery of Max/MSP with French specialists
    4. 4Presentation of references
    5. 5Processing introduction course
    6. 6Group project production
    7. 7Exposition

    Our involvment

    We introduced people to a real creative field in its own right, one that will grow in the years to come, through practice and references. We conveyed the essential references, the essential figures, the minimal historical and theoretical baggage, and we immersed ourselves in practice by confronting classic and more original exercises in the field that will encourage people to continue.