Plüm Énergie – Customer area

Rewarding energy savings

    In short

    This next-generation supplier has a clear message: energy is a common good that must be preserved, while maintaining our lifestyle comforts. Plüm created an incentive system aimed at rewarding its customers’ energy savings.

    • 1 million raised


    Plüm Énergie is a rising start-up in the energy sector in France. Its credo is rewarding energy savings. The aim was to support a 'pure player' in the energy sector online with the definition and implementation of its experience strategy.


    1. 1User research
    2. 2Co-creation workshop
    3. 3Ideation
    4. 4UX design
    5. 5UI design
    6. 6Development monitoring

    Our involvment

    A communication, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) challenge.
    We have a differentiated position and we wanted a user experience that was just as distinctive: that's why we chose User Studio. Lancelot d'Hautuille Co-founder of Plüm Énergie