MyBrain Technologies – Melomind

A connected headset to disconnect

In short

How can you counteract the stressful use of a smartphone and encourage relaxation with a connected headset? This is the challenge taken up by Melomind and its application, which we supported to design an experience that is just as poetic as the sounds played through the headphones.

  • 150 percent of the Kickstarter target
  • 1 app selected at CES Las Vegas 2016


Before the launch of its fundraising on Kickstarter, MyBrain Technologies - a start-up expert in neuroscience - contacted us for a top-notch assignment to set up the product strategy for Melomind, its first anti-stress headset. Supported by a neurofeedback programme dedicated to wellbeing, the task was to design the connected application and associated user experience, reflecting both the promise of the service and the identity of a forward-looking brand.


  1. 1User interviews
  2. 2Ideation workshop
  3. 3Proposal of 3 lines of vision
  4. 4Wireframes
  5. 5Screens and pixel-perfect animations
  6. 6User testing
  7. 7Charter and specification book
  8. 8Design of an associated B2B service

Our involvment

From the detailed definition of its value proposition to the pixel-perfect design of each of the screens, this project combined all of our expertise and took us to CES in Las Vegas, the world's premier technology showcase. In addition to co-designing the experience (UX) and the interface (UI) of the app, we created an innovative experience, whereby the user is invited to follow tailor-made relaxation training sessions through a sensitive and poetic universe.
User Studio has provided us with unwavering support in taking our product to the next level Antoine M. COO myBrain Technologie