Fabrique des Territoires Innovants – Reinventing Paris - Sully Morland

The future of the former prefecture

    In short

    Believing in the need to hybridise the uses of living spaces in our regions, Fabrique des Territoires Innovants wanted to embody this approach in its application for the Reinventing Paris tender. It called on User Studio to help imagine the experience of future users of Sully Morland.

    • 1 Cooperative Society of Collective Interest created for the bid


    In 2014, the Paris City Council launched the first round of the " Reinventing Paris " consultation. La Fabrique des Territoires Innovants, a think-and-do-tank focused on social and collaborative entrepreneurship, chose to focus on the emblematic site of Sully-Morland with an ambitious approach and project team. A symbol of the administration of the 1960s, it offered many possibilities for demonstrating a mixed-use space for a variety of users.


    1. 1Meeting and scoping
    2. 2Opening workshop
    3. 3Creating a book of ideas
    4. 4Targeted journey workshop
    5. 5Scripting of future experiments

    Our involvment

    User Studio implemented an exploration and co-construction process with the multiple stakeholders of CitéoMix and scripted the target experience of the various users of the future building. In a short space of time, thanks to a good balance between workshops, proposals and creation, User Studio was able to promote a service innovation approach to enrich and enhance the initial application. Particular care was taken with the scripting of target journeys to embody the wealth of the approach.
    User Studio was able to bring the CitéoMix team together to create a common vision of Sully Morland!