La Poste – Round Launcher

All the postal worker's actions in one app

    In short

    As part of its digital transformation, La Poste wanted to rethink the application used to manage postal carriers' rounds. The challenge was to adopt a truly user-centred approach to improve the experience of postal workers and to redesign the interactions between the agent and their tools.


    73,000 postal workers, 37.8 million mailboxes, 56,000 rounds... the least we can say is that La Poste influences the daily life of a large number of French people! After several years of digitisation of the postal worker's work tools, La Poste noted that although business applications simplify the work of employees, their proliferation was, on the other hand, leading to losses in operational performance. La Poste has therefore initiated a major project to converge its business tools.


    1. 1Field trip and interviews
    2. 2Target service vision
    3. 3Wireframes
    4. 4Graphic ideas
    5. 5Interactive model
    6. 6User testing
    7. 7Charter and specification book
    8. 8Development monitoring

    Our involvment

    By helping La Poste to identify the needs and uses of postal workers, we have redesigned its route management service. Our immersion in the sorting offices led us to focus on the preparation rather than the rounds themselves. The challenge was to find solutions to help postal workers obtain a better visual idea of their rounds and improve the organisation of their tasks in advance. The demonstrator designed provides a clear, useful and comfortable experience for its users and facilitates access to the various key functionalities.
    It is the combination of service design and advanced digital expertise that convinced us at User Studio that we could make our tools real day-to-day enablers for each postal worker. La Poste Project Manager