Green Creative – R3D3

The connected rubbish bin strikes back

In short

A doubly intelligent rubbish bin: not only does R3D3 sort your plastic bottles, cans and cups after compression, but it is now also capable of indicating how full it is and it can even make maintenance requests thanks to an application that we have designed

  • 1 award at CES Las Vegas


Green Creative, a start-up committed to waste recycling, asked us to transform its "R3D3" automatic sorting bin for office buildings into a real service for companies. The challenge was to develop the R3D3's connected platform into something "creative and ergonomic to break new ground" for the CES in Las Vegas with French Tech. And it was urgent: "There are so many connected products being released these days".


  1. 1Creative workshops
  2. 2Sketches of the key graphics for the pitch effect
  3. 3Wireframes
  4. 4Graphic models
  5. 5Interactive models

Our involvment

We sketched the key screens of the R3D3 connected application: these initial photo-realistic screens enabled Green Creative to promote the project to potential clients. We then developed the R3D3 fleet management application interfaces in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, including the centralisation of alerts, the generation of reports, etc.
Not only do you come away with something new and surprising. But it has allowed us to develop the platform with our clients and build a good base for the future. Great professionalism and attention to detail! Lucile Noury CEO Green Creative