French National Energy Ombudsman – Energie-Info.fr

Choosing your energy supplier made easy!

In short

Switching energy suppliers. Simply. Since 2007, and the opening up of the energy market to competition, each of us is faced with an unusual situation: choosing who will be our electricity and natural gas supplier.


The French National Energy Ombudsman was created to guide citizens in their choice of energy supplier following the opening of the energy market to competition. The purpose of the National Energy Ombudsman is twofold: how to make sure, when the message you are spreading is complex and very serious, that you are known, so that you are found at the right time? And then after being found, how do you guide users as quickly as possible?


  1. 1Competitive benchmark
  2. 2User research
  3. 3Ideation
  4. 4Interface design
  5. 5Development monitoring

Our involvment

This project was more than a simple graphic redesign: our objective was to help this public institution gain visibility, consistency and efficiency through a new web tool. The Ombudsman wanted this portal to change its status from an information tool to a decision-making tool. As a side benefit, the new tool has saved valuable telephone support time and allowed staff to focus on the most complex cases.