EDF – My consumption and me

The new generation energy balance

In short

Our consumption data comprises so much sensitive and personal information that we felt it was important to make it intelligible and appealing at the same time. This personalised electricity consumption report explains the contents and puts your electricity consumption into perspective with respect to the French population as a whole.

  • 200,000 customers affected per year


EDF is the original electricity producer and distributor in France. Today, its customer base is 31.5 million electricity meters. This large company is modernising both in the areas of new mobility and digital technologies. The aim was to rethink the energy statement sent out to a wide range of users. For people who may or may not be comfortable with figures, it is necessary to simplify, explain and make them accessible.


  1. 1Competitive state of play
  2. 2Document prototypes with millimetre precision
  3. 3Calculation method of data visualisations
  4. 4Provision for special cases

Our involvment

Design work in the noblest sense of the word, for which we used our skills in data visualisation and graphics. As with any service design project, we proceeded to identify the need in order to define five experience strategies, and to select only one of them for graphic production. This is how the following invoice came about, which you may have already received through your letter box...
A bill that is finally understandable and pleasant to read, a point of contact re-established with hundreds of thousands of customers. Un observateur Energy Press