Ecov – Covoit'ici

Small car-share journeys that are accessible to all

    In short

    Sharing your car journey, for example, between Lille - Paris has not been a challenge for a long time. But how can the small municipalities of the Vexin be linked to the urban periphery of Paris or how can the Greater Chambery agglomeration be connected using a new local carpooling model in order to connect the various villages that make up the area? This is the aim of Ecov' with Covoit'ici, which makes the experience of carpooling on short journeys simpler, more practical and, above all, accessible to everyone, whether or not they are connected, in urban or rural areas…


    In order to support Ecov in developing its car-pooling service, Covoit’ici, the designers at User Studio reviewed the user journey of this service with its dispersed touchpoints. The challenge was to create consistency between the various touchpoints (displays, meeting points, etc.) using low tech (SMS, website) both to feed the driver community and to attract potential travellers.


    1. 1Definition of typical user profiles
    2. 2Formalising an expression of user needs and expectations
    3. 3Co-construction of uses
    4. 4Formalising user journeys
    5. 5Physical devices
    6. 6Application

    Our involvment