CH Avranches – The consultation platform

Imagining the future service through the eyes of a patient

    In short

    We assisted the Avranches-Granville Hospital in revamping the patient experience at its consultation centre, the first point of contact at the Avranches hospital. The aim was to make this centre more visible and pleasant thanks to layout options, in order to respond to the arrival of new patients.


    The recent reform of the health system requires hospitals to provide more consultations and care for people with chronic diseases. To rebalance the mix of services, face private competition and better respond to the needs of the La Manche region, the Avranches-Granville Hospital wanted to redesign its outpatient centre, which houses multiple specialties on the same site. The hospital teams were mainly looking for us to work on interior design, accessibility and signage on the ward.


    1. 1Immersion in the field
    2. 2Exploration of hospital professions
    3. 3Exploration of univers
    4. 4Target visions
    5. 5Rendering of visions in space
    6. 6Plans' transfer to the team

    Our involvment

    Initiating discussions on the layout made it possible to identify more general issues. Indeed, when working on the pretext of the reception experience from the patient's point of view, other organisational challenges soon emerged. Without claiming to resolve these issues, our involvement helped to bring together expert teams around a specific and unifying project: welcoming the public. We designed and illustrated a project that took into account the needs of all stakeholders, from information to space.
    It is truly thanks to your vision as designers that we have achieved this result. We were too engrossed in our daily lives to do it alone Joanny Alombert Director of the Avranches-Granville Hospital