User Studio (R&D) – Antipode

Connected lighting

In short

Today, the objects we encounter in our daily lives lack charm and mystery: in the end they are only what they claim to be. We wanted to design a lamp that was more than a lamp. Antipode is a light connected to a network of webcams from all over the world, whose intensity modulates according to the region of the world where they are located: if it is day or night, if it is summer or winter...


The light dimmer navigates through the repertoire of webcams and thanks to an LED display topped with a thin layer of porcelain, which gives a slight blur to the image, the lamp only projects a halo of light whose intensity and colour correspond to the real time location of the filmed city. The brightness is therefore related to the longitude and latitude of the transmitter point (time zone for day or night, and cool or warm colours depending on the season).


  1. 1Research
  2. 2Design
  3. 3User testing

Our involvment

This connected object goes beyond the technical aspects developed here: a certain poetry emerges, this lamp becomes mysterious and somewhere such devices contribute to re-enchanting a daily life that is sometimes too technocentric, where the thought regarding the use of these objects is atrophied. Antipode stimulates the imagination and dreams: it is more than just a lamp, it creates meaning.