Secafi – AMIS

The Facebook of staff representatives

In short

AMIS is the social network of staff representatives. Asking the community questions, sharing experiences with other elected representatives, and benefiting from the advice of experts... all in one app! We assisted Secafi in the design and development of this new digital service.

  • 1000+ app users on its release


SECAFI is a firm that specialises in supporting staff representatives in the public and private sectors. As the market leader in this mature market, Secafi - whose missions are mainly punctuated by the publication of activity reports - is seeking to innovate and to engage in its digital transformation in order to stay ahead of any new players. What is the best way to use a digital tool to put ourselves in the shoes of elected officials in order to better support them over the long term while identifying new opportunities for working together?


  1. 1Assessment of employees and elected representatives
  2. 2Cross-synthesis
  3. 3Ideation workshop
  4. 4Consolidation of the target vision
  5. 5UX Design (userflow)
  6. 6Co-design workshop
  7. 7Modelling the application
  8. 8Agile development

Our involvment

"An application in the pocket of our staff representatives": to make this intuition a reality, Secafi called on User Studio and Open Communities to think about the digitalisation of its services, from vision to development. A project that takes advantage of the alchemy of the agency's multiple skills: identifying new opportunities, creating the service's value proposition, defining its functionalities, carrying out the application's UX/UI design, as well as monitoring development!
User Studio was able to work with us as a trusted partner and ensure that the project did not go off course. Nicolas Cauchy Director of the new digital service