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UShuffle, a creative tool for wild brainstorming

Discover our creativity tool dedicated to workshops, brainstorming sessions... The principle? Mixing words, images, expressions that belong to different lexical fields, to provoke impromptu clashes. Available for iPhone and iPad.

In short

Discover UShuffle, our creative tool dedicated to workshops, brainstorming sessions…or just any old laughter sessions, playing games like “consequences” (known as “exquisite corpse” in French). The aim? Mixing words, images, expressions that belong to different lexical fields to provoke impromptu clashes (which are surreal, such as the French name of this game suggests and confirmed by its historical origins). Available for iPhone and iPad, filled in via a web platform.


Ideal for creative workshops, brainstorming sessions, but also meetings of any kind where one could get bored, UShuffle is a “consequences” generator. You fill in the lexical fields that interest your project (e.g., transport, animals, colours), and words and/or images that correspond to these categories. And you get a swarm of drones flying around like bees to paint cotton fields pink #ff0052.


  1. 1Research
  2. 2Design
  3. 3User testing

Our involvment

As you work, your collection of words, expressions and images grows, and you can reuse them: a tool that increases and improves with use, in short. And by the way, it’s all completely free. Our reward is the pleasure of seeing our tool used. Feel free to share photos of the tool in use on social networks: #ushuffle on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We'll re-post the most unusual ones!
Visit shuffle.user.io to create an account and download the app to your smartphones or tablets.