MEDEF – Youth and digital: the paradox

Promoting the appeal of digital professions

    In short

    We might think that digital professions are particularly attractive for young people, thanks to their recruitment potential and their interactive image. However, studies demonstrate the opposite…it’s a paradox! We have been trying to understand why, then we envisaged and sketched out possible courses of action to remedy the situation.


    Created at the initiative of the European Commission in 2017 and led by MEDEF, the French Coalition for Digital Skills aims to address the lack of digital skills in the labour market and in society. Following a study carried out by Talents du Numérique showing a strong lack of representation of digital professions among high school students, the Coalition wished to adopt a design approach to resolve this paradox and identify various projects likely to meet these challenges.


    1. 1User research
    2. 2Summary of lessons learned
    3. 3Co-design workshop
    4. 4Prototyping and sketches of ideas
    5. 5Formalising the final booklet

    Our involvment

    The Coalition called on User Studio to lead, over a short period of time, a collaborative work based on the journeys and uses of different actors in the relevant ecosystem: students, parents, teachers, counsellors... Following this long listening phase and consultation with some thirty people, we identified the obstacles to the sector’s attractiveness and outlined seven services that could potentially resolve the paradox of young people and the digital professions (making them visible, equipping prescribers, education, etc.)