UX Audit

Do you want to improve the experience offered by your product and increase the efficiency, readability and attractiveness of its interface?

Do you want to improve the experience offered by your service and increase the efficiency, readability and attractiveness of its digital interface? Are you unsure about your customers' journey on your website or mobile apps? This service was designed specifically to answer these questions.

  • Action-oriented recommendations. To improve the user experience in the short and medium term.
  • A decision-making aid. An analysis report that gets to the heart of your concerns, a real decision-making aid for your future design choices.
  • A communication-friendly deliverable. An analysis of the existing situation presented in visual and synthetic form.

What is a UX audit?

More than just a purely ergonomic concern, our UX audit consists of providing an assessment of the performance of your service in terms of user experience.

A user interface (website or application) is by definition a tool where users come into contact with your service. Consequently, it is extremely strategic. The key objective of the audit is to inform your design choices in order to align the user interface of your service as closely as possible with the value proposition and the organisation.

What is our analysis about?

For this exercise, our analysis draws on the best of our twofold expertise: service design and user experience and interface (UX/UI). So, during a UX Audit we analyse:

  • User journeys within the interface
  • Effectiveness of its functionality
  • Fluidity of navigation
  • Readability of information 
  • Graphic consistency

Our programme

In order to best adapt our recommendations to your challenges, we define the objectives of the audit with you. A meeting to discover your service from an outsider's point of view: understanding your challenges, the history of the service and how it has evolved, details of your target users' profile and their needs

Experiencing the services for ourselves. User journey mapping. Observing existing services allows us to identify the tension points in the user experience

Recommendations Thanks to the audit carried out, we are then able to present our feedback and recommendations on the functional scope of the interface

Recommended methodology. Straight after the audit or with a bit of hindsight, depending on your organisation, we advise you on the approach to take in line with your goals and resources

Why make UX your ally?

  1. Embody the personality of your service to set it apart
  2. Increase the attractiveness and user friendliness of the service
  3. Attract new users and retain existing users
  4. Turn quality into a competitive advantage
  5. Lower your maintenance and service costs
  6. Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration
  7. Go to the page dedicated to our UX/UI expertise.

Using a UX audit was decisive in guiding the development of our service! We have been able to invest effectively to create value for our customers. Mathias B Product Manager for an energy start-up business.

Keen to find out more?

Mathilde, our Development Director can be reached on +33 (0)1 42 59 47 54, or by e-mail: hello@user.io.