Training in Service Design

Are you a director or manager who would like to boost the flexibility of your organisation, or the attractiveness of your services and ownership of your strategic vision?

You’d like to boost the flexibility of your organisation, or the attractiveness of your services and ownership of your strategic vision? This training was made for you and your teams! It is part of our training programme — grouped under the User Academy brand — and can therefore be financed by your company’s professional training organisation (OPCA, in France).

When two cafés are located right next door to each other and sell exactly the same coffee for the same price, service design is what entices you to choose one café over the other. This is Service Design Thinking

How does it work?

It works well! This is a one-day workshop, intense, exciting and full of tips & tricks that you’ll acquire during group exercises. It takes place in a venue that is different from your daily work environment, perhaps even out of the ordinary, and activities alternate between theoretical components and practical examples.

  • An inspiring day. Run by one of our renowned experts.
  • Fun tools. Learning by doing.
  • A great setting. To unwind and unite your team.

    Put your ideas to the test.

What you will learn

There is a lot to learn, both in theory and in practice. Including:

  • Understanding the basics of design thinking
  • Developing a user-centred approach to innovation
  • Adopting an innovative, intuitive and iterative approach
  • Exploring the principles of visualisation and prototyping
  • Learning about the benefits of a successful customer experience
  • Getting the tools to facilitate co-creation

Here is a non-exhaustive list of tools and methods that make up the service designer's basic toolbox and that we take pleasure in explaining and passing on to you.

Putting yourself in the shoes of the user and scripting their experience

The detailed programme

During a day alternating practical workshops and group discussions, and with the help of a case study, you’ll discover and experiment with the main principles and tools of service design, such as the user journey.


  • Introduction: presentation of the main principles and the case study
  • Immersion: putting yourself in the users’ shoes
  • Inspiration & Ideas: unpacking and developing your ideas


  • Prototyping: bringing your ideas to life and testing them
  • Culture and skills: conditions for a successful approach

Our experts

Our CEO, Matthew Marino, regularly delivers this training, sharing his experience of a profession he has largely helped to create. Matthew is the leading expert in France on the subject and was a pioneer in the field when he co-founded User Studio in 2009. He has run training at RATP, Renault, Saint-Gobain, MAIF, Airbus, Manpower, Air Liquide, Auchan, SNCF, BPCE, Sodexo, among others. He also runs this training on behalf of ESSEC, EM Lyon, Ensci-les Ateliers or Centrale-Supélec for example, often in English, for the upper management of large international groups.

The 6 strengths of service design

  1. Make it easier to take ownership of your strategic vision
  2. Differentiate your services from the competition
  3. Increase the uptake rate of your services by delivering an exceptional experience
  4. Conquer new markets by experimenting with a new service
  5. Align the customer experience of your services with what your brand promises to deliver
  6. Unite your teams behind an attractive approach to work together more effectively

Visit DesignDeServices.org, the leading resource in the field that we have created.

Service design is about making a service experience more human, smarter and more enjoyable when it has little or no meaning for its users. It is an approach that is both an intellectual and tangible approach, as well as being deductive and sensitive. \ Matthieu Savary Creative Director at User Studio

Keen to find out more?

Mathilde, our Development Director can be reached on +33 (0)1 42 59 47 54, or by e-mail: hello@user.io.