Exploratory Project

Do you have an idea, a hunch, an identified need? We will help you to identify the levers to improve an existing service or to come up with a new one.

Do you have an idea, a hunch, an identified need? Would you like to improve an existing service or design a new one? We will help you to identify levers to steer your innovative project in the right direction. The aim: determining the service to design, so we can jointly create a unique user experience.

  • Focusing the project on the user experience. A user-centred approach to increase the uptake rate of the service.
  • Adopting an iterative approach. Methodology based on gathering requirements, models and user tests.
  • Co-designing an innovative service. Unite your teams behind an attractive approach to work together more effectively.

What is the exploratory phase of service design?

The preliminary step in designing a service, which takes place right at the start of the project to identify problems and explore opportunities.

From understanding the needs to designing the service, we support you using a user-centred and iterative approach by testing the concepts as they are developed.

The detailed programme

Depending on the nature of your project and the area of research identified, we develop a tailor-made methodology to best meet your expectations:


What counted for us was not so much the project that came out of it but rather the quality of the support we received. Mind you, I'm not saying that the project isn't good - it will definitely go into the deployment phase in one- or two-months’ time - but the rich and lasting culture of innovation that was conveyed at group level is the true measure of success for us. Jean François L Strategic Marketing Director in a large health sector group

Keen to find out more?

Mathilde, our Development Director can be reached on +33 (0)1 42 59 47 54, or by e-mail: hello@user.io.