User Studio (R&D) – Our Pins

Visual link sharing & knowledge management for creative teams

In short

We decided to create our own visual link sharing & knowledge management tool for creative teams: the Our Pins tool, which we now have the pleasure of sharing with our clients and privileged partners.

  • 1 SaaS tool
  • 100% real time sync
  • 1 Chrome extension
  • 80+ teams (and counting)


Knowledge management, whether purely visual or simply thematic, is essential for building a common culture within a team. This is also an approach that we recommend at the start of any project: to bring teams together around shared visions, to create benchmarks based on a common reference system. It is from this premise that Our Pins was born.


  1. 1Research
  2. 2Design
  3. 3User testing
  4. 4Iteration
  5. 5Development
  6. 6Deployment

Our involvment

We therefore made a major introspection effort: internal user research, testing and successive interface iterations in order to arrive at a tool that simplifies the work of everyone at User Studio. Whether on the desktop with a complete dashboard, or on the mobile with a tool reduced to the essentials of the declarations that you may have to make while at your workstation or elsewhere. Specifically, Our Pins makes pins immediately available, saveable and findable for every member of the same team, publishing them in parallel to the team's Slack workspace if it is linked. And much more than that, of course. It is distributed following a SaaS model.