User Studio (R&D) – Lume

The coloured lampshade for smartphones

In short

Lume, you have it in your pocket... Your smartphone is capable of emitting an infinitely programmable light. What if it was also the source of a poetry-filled nightlight?

  • €5.90 per copy


Lume is a realistic and 'thrifty' reinterpretation of Antipode, its predecessor. Not because of the low level of technology employed, but because Lume makes use of what many of us already have in our pockets and which is capable of diffusing complex and programmable light: a smartphone.


  1. 1Research
  2. 2Design
  3. 3User tests
  4. 4Promotion

Our involvment

This is particularly appropriate in terms of use, and it is also a way for User Studio to propose a new way of thinking about future electronic products: a more economical, more ecological, more versatile design. Without sacrificing design on the altar of responsible development.
Lume was selected for Futur en Seine 2016! User Studio The User Studio team