French Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Experience France Exhibition

Showcasing innovation through design

In short

A space design project along with its associated interfaces, Experience France is an exhibition that allows the public to discover the 100 most innovative companies in France.

  • 4 Innovative interactive elements
  • 1 Enhanced visitor experience


A quick and efficient concept for a project where functionality is crucial to the visitor experience. Produced in collaboration with our partner Élément commun, a specialist in exhibition scenography, the Expérience France travelling exhibition was created on behalf of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to promote around one hundred French innovations throughout the world.


  1. 1User research
  2. 2Definition of visions
  3. 3Iterative design

Our involvment

In the case of interactive scenography, the design work is essentially the same as for any other project, with the phases of user research, definition, iterative design, etc. But the third dimension, the public's movements, and many other parameters must be taken into account, which involve different reflexes from those required in the case of the design of a stand-alone mobile application. At User Studio, more than half of the designers have a background in industrial design, with a specific focus on product and spatial design.