Co-creation workshop

Increase your collective intelligence with our proven workshop formats.

Do you want to create solutions, speed up your project and unite your team? Our workshop formats have been designed with this in mind. Find out more.

A tested training kit. Tried and tested and continuously improved on thanks to more than 100 workshops over the last 4 years, our ready-made kit will be available for your workshop, saving you the time required to produce it.

Concrete solutions. The focus of our workshop design is to help you and your team find viable solutions to your problems.

A stimulating environment. Our facilitators offer their expertise in service and interface design to support the group using a pedagogical approach.

A proven format for each challenge


    Do you want to explore a problem using service design methods? Starting with the users, we will help you identify your service opportunities.


    Do you have a concept that you want to further develop and start implementing? Our quick prototyping tools will allow you to outline the service you have in mind in just one day.


    Do you want to give your project a boost? We suggest tackling all the components of your innovative project in one week.

Together we will define your issues and set objectives for the workshop. We adapt the guide and the facilitation materials

Together we will define your issues and set objectives for the workshop. Our facilitators put in place everything required to create an environment conducive to co-construction

Idea sheets, summary file and recommendations, concept book... Depending on your objectives, we will formulate a deliverable at the end of the workshop that will best serve the next stage of the project

How does it work?

Based on our 8 years of expertise in service design, these workshops are an essential part of our projects. Our approach and our tools are tried and tested... which does not stop us from constantly improving them.


1. Understanding and refining your objectives. There are as many workshops as there are objectives. The challenge is having the key elements to set up the right workshop format for you.

2. Adapting the design of the workshop. Preparation is essential to get the most out of a workshop. We adapt our tools or create new ones. We also prepare the necessary input to boost creativity.

3. Facilitating Bringing your concepts to life and testing them

4. Capitalising. Our workshop materials are designed to limit post-production. Depending on your needs, they are delivered raw or reworked to fine-tune the solutions and make them more accessible.

Our secrets to making your workshop a success

  • Adapting our facilitation to the workshop's objectives
  • Avoiding open brainstorming sessions
  • Creating a dynamic and friendly atmosphere
  • Shifting the focus to stimulate creativity
  • Beginning with understanding users
  • Deconstructing your existing solution
  • Adopting a systemic approach
  • Representing and prototyping very quickly
  • Adopting an innovative, intuitive and iterative approach
  • Integrating organisational aspects

Keen to find out more?

Mathilde, our Development Director can be reached on +33 (0)1 42 59 47 54, or by e-mail: hello@user.io.